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About Us

Badminton is a sport for everyone. It is not only enjoyed casually in backyards and parks but also played competitively nationally and even on a world stage like the Olympics.

The Vector Badminton Club (VBC) is a non-profit organization in Coquitlam, serving the Tri-cities area of the Great Vancouver region. It was funded in 2008 by Mr. Syd Sydorak, who has dedicated 40 years of his life to train youth players in their badminton skills. Our professional coaches, who are passionate about the sport, share their love of the game with new players as well as to train and improve seasoned badminton players in their skills, technique, strength, and stamina. Our goal is to provide an intimate but higher level of training to our members with well-planned training schedules for all the different levels of players. We encourage all members and parents to be fully engaged and work together to build a fun and healthy environment for all to enjoy.

The Club is still currently directed and managed by parent volunteers of players and run by volunteered professional coaches to promote and support Syd’s vision to provide for the recreational needs of the community and betterment of the competitive players pertaining to badminton.

If you are 7-18 years old and want to learn how to play Badminton Or train to improve on badminton techniques and skills, Vector Badminton Club is where you are can do it. Professional coaches who volunteer their time weekly to teach new players the game or train season players in improving their game techniques and strength.